Sunday, December 30, 2007

n770 bluetooth tethered to Sprint Touch

After fiddling with this for about a month...I finally hit the combination that worked.

First I downloaded and installed PdaNet ($35 well spent). But that wasn't the complete solution. I still couldn't get it to work...

Then I found this post on by smurs.
1) launch Internet Sharing on the Touch (BT PAN, Sprint Network)
2) use my computer to pair with the phone, this process automatically detected a BT serial port on my phone (funny, no activesync port...) and
3) under my bluetooth options in the upper right corner of my mac, all I had to do was select "Connect to Network on SMRS Touch".
So armed with that explanation...I attacked.

This time I started with a clean install of the OS on the n770. (to the mmc card)

1. I started IE on the Touch.
2. Then started Internet Sharing on the Touch. (BT, SprintPCS)
3. Now on the Nokia I added a bluetooth phone (in the control panel). did the usual handshaking etc. and added the phone.

This part I had done already many times with no success.

5. Now add a connection on the Nokia. I did it manually with name that made sense and #777 for the phone number...everything else blank (no username/password).
6. NOW when I went to select a connection/search for connection, it showed the phone as one of the choices.
7. I had to disable Internet Sharing on the Touch, so that PdaNet could do its job...and it does it quite well. (it would keep disconnecting and popping up weird errors...duh)

I am not sure what I did different this time...maybe it was the reflash of the OS...but it works well!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Asus eeePC

No, I actually don't have one of these...but I am planning to sometime in the next few months.

I would like a larger I am holding off to see what Asus or the aftermarket comes up with.

I plan on installing a couple of 8gig USB flash drives and a bluetooth dongle.

I will be honest, a slightly bigger screen and bigger battery for $100 more would be good enough for me.

For comparison I had a 7" touchscreen monitor in the dash of my truck for my in vehicle PC (until it was stolen). It was the same resolution 800x480 (widescreen) and worked just fine...but for reading text etc, I needed larger fonts.

Sprint Touch (by HTC)

Just got one of these also.

Sprint cellphone, touch screen...iPhone wannabe I guess, but different in application.

I personally prefer it...

Runs Windows Mobile 6. Bluetooth, no GPS (yet?) no wifi.

I added a 4 gig microSD ram card...and have installed a bunch of stuff to it.

Not to many mods in progress, but eventually I will have a few registry hacks in...I am waiting until the software update 1Q08.

Nokia 770

Just got one of these off eBay. If you are late to the game (like me) then you will want to know that it is a UMPC running a version of Linux.

Touchscreen, bluetooth, wifi, and it fits in a jacket cellphone though.

I am working on it...and will post links to what I consider to be the best resources.