Friday, January 25, 2008

Bluetooth Keyboard and Password protected Windows shares

I just got the Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard. Worked great with my phone and N800. Not as nice as having a full size keyboard, but typing on it is ok...numbers are a pain, but it beats a stylus on the screen.

Apparently NOBODY can access shared windows drives with the Nokia devices UNLESS they are not password protected. Well mine are. So I guess I don't get access.

Luckily they are not all are password protected (apparently) because I can browse them and access files using the Filemanager on the N800. Hopefully there will be a decent solution for that soon.

Whats next? Not much, I am pretty content with the N800, good web browser, good file browser, good video player (with mplayer installed). The N770 I had to modify quite a bit to get things done, the N800 is pretty effortless at the same tasks.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nokia N800 arrived today!

Ok, this is a sexy beast! But pretty much the same as the N770 just newer...and it has a camera...and the software is better.

First thing I did was connect it to my Wifi network...ok I lie, I TRIED to connect, but am failing...probably typing the WPA key in wrong or something. (DUH, nevermind...yes the wrong WPA key)

Second thing I did was tether it to my Sprint Touch phone via bluetooth. I used the exact same steps as below...and it worked. Not the first try though...I didn't follow the steps the first two times...but the first time I actually followed the steps...THEN it worked.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New links

Some new links in particular is my OLD website where I detailed the creation and installation of a indash computer to my truck.

It is old...because that particular computer was upgraded...and in Sep07 the upgraded computer and screen were now I have no indash computer.

But I do have a Pioneer HU that you can plug a USB drive into and it will play all the mp3s etc...and show the titles on the screen...And I have now the Garmin StreetPilot 7200, the plan is to stick that in the dash...when it warms up here.

n770 WSOD

Apparently the Nokia n770 ALL have a White Screen of Death failure. The characteristics are the machine boots up with normal sounds, but the screen is white with faint vertical lines.

I just had that with was on the charger in New Orleans at night, the next morning WSOD.

I logged into the Nokia support site, and there is a chance it is under warrantee...but in reading up on the subject...even after a fix they sometimes crash again.

So even though I may get that one back and working...I bought a N800. More on that later.