Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sprint HTC EVO 3D and bluetooth tether

I finally gave up on my old was having major issues requiring a complete wipe and reinstall every so often. It sometimes wouldn't answer calls in time etc, and always at very inopportune moments.

So I decided to upgrade to a new phone, I wanted to go Android, cuz that's what the cool kids are doing these days...

Ok, actually, I have an older iPhone (that I use with WiFi and internationally)...I wasn't going to switch carriers to get a newer wife just got a Win7 phone that is very nice, but impossible to make any modifications can't even add your own ringtone, bluetooth DUN was completely out of the question.

So that leaves Android. I have been using a Nook Color for a few months now, so I am used to the interface.

Let me just say that the EVO 3D is a frikin fast phone, the most responsive phone I have ever used, and seems to be compatible with just about anything (flash Apple?). I know battery live will be shorter than my TP2, so I just half to accept that...but the 3GS I have drains the battery in a day of moderate use, so the EVO 3D seems to at least match that.

I have only used it for a day now, and I was using the data heavily during that time period, and battery life seems to be about a day.

My big concern was if I could bluetooth tether my iPhone to it, like I did with the TP2, and cannot do with the Win7 phone.

A big yes...however I needed to install the PDANet app from Android Market (there is a trial version). PDANet is the same software (and same company, I used on my various windows phones for years for USB tethering of my laptop.

This app automatically sets up the phone for either bluetooth DUN or USB tethering (you select when you start the app). simple

So now, will iBluever (the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch bluetooth tethering app) work with it?

I tried setting it all up exactly like I did for my TP2/iPhone set. I made the EVO discoverable, I started the iBluever app and searched for a pairing, selected the EVO set the configs (same as for the TP2 in an earlier post) then had it connect...

The iPhone popped up the pairing window for me to enter a code, I did, then the EVO force quit the bluetooth setup...


I will fast forward through the trial and error...

The successful setup went as follows.

1. pair iPhone to EVO first, before launching iBluever
2. THEN launch iBluever, select the EVO and set it up like the TP2 (including authenticate)
3. Select the EVO again and let iBluever do its thing
4. it AGAIN will ask for a pairing code, this time it will work properly and you are on!

BTW I don't have much to say for a review of the EVO 3D other than it is fast. I never planned on using the 3D display, and I have not yet used the 3D camera (but I might use that at some time in the future)

...btw it comes with an 8Gig sim card from Sprint.