Monday, March 30, 2009

Sending files from WM cellphone to Ubuntu Mini 9

Nothing to say far the only way I can get files from my WM6.1 smartphone is to beam them via Bluetooth.

This blog has the simple walk through for that.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Diggnation on Late Night Jimmy Fallon

Ok so it is a slow week (month) for me...I have been waiting on the 32GB and 64GB SSD until then I can't mod my Dell Mini9.

I have been watching Diggnation since the first episode...I watched TechTV before that, and the Screensavers before that...Jimmy Fallon was on Diggnation a couple of months ago plugging his new show...but that guy was quick on his feet...I couldn't stop laughing through the episode. So the Diggnation folks were invited on Late Night...

Today's generation doesn' appreciate technology.

Louis CK on Late Night with Conan O'Brian, sums up how today's generation doesn't appreciate modern technology.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Skype on Dell Mini 9.

Just got the Mini9. Wow, it REALLY is small...and touch typing is definitely a challenge (I am typing this on it).

I bought the stripped down Ubuntu version...and separately bought a 2gig ram stick...and a 32gig SDD from Crucial.

Ram stick worked...SDD did not...

Anywho, everything is pre-loaded in the software...except for Skype. You would think that installing skype would be no would be mistaken...

Apparently Dell distributes a specific version of Ubuntu...

Long story is how to install Skype on the Ubuntu version of the Dell Mini 9.

Amazingly, in this thread on the Skype forums is a straight forward answer...I will paste the post here in it's entirety.

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The problem with forcing the architecture is that it won't compare anywhere in Synaptic, so it's going to be difficult to remove it with Gdebi or apt. However, it is quite possible by typing:

sudo dpkg -r skype

This will completely remove the forced deb package.

I rebuilt the package from Skype for the correct architecture (lpia) so it is much easier to install and uninstall. It works fine. Here's how you can do it yourself:

1. Download the Ubuntu version of Skype
2. Use the Archive manager to uncompress it. Alternatively, right click on the deb package and select "extract here"
3. Rename the uncompressed folder, by changing the ending from i386 to lpia. (the folder should be now named: skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_lpia)
4. Open the folder
5. There are 3 files. remove the debian-binary file
6. Decompress control.tar.gz. There are tree files in it.
7. Make a folder "DEBIAN" in the main folder, and placed the 3 files you just decompressed inside it.
8. Open one of the files inside DEBIAN, "control". Change the line "Architecture: i386" into "Architecture: lpia"
9. Open the other archive data.tar.gz. There is a folder . inside. Open it (double click). Select both the folders (usr and etc) and select uncompress.
10. Remove the files control.tar.gz and data.tar.gz
11. You should now have your main folder with the following inside:
DEBIAN folder with tree text files in it (conffiles, control, md5sums); a "usr" folder and a "etc" folder.
12. You are now ready to prepare your deb folder.
13. From the command line, go to the folder that contains your main skype folder you just prepared (most likely named: skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_lpia).
14. type: dpkg --build skype-debian_2.0.0.72-1_lpia
15. Your deb package is ready. Double click on it and follow instruction. After installation it should appear in Synaptic, and from there you can remove it at any time.
16. Enjoy!!!

P.S. This should work for any package with the i386 architecture.

Mon Oct 20 2008, 21:31 is lpia (LPIA) not Ipia. I did exactly those instructions...and it worked immediately, video and audio.

Oh and one more thing...the wife likes this computer...and can easily see herself using I may be buying another one soon.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nokia N800 Video chat revisited

As seen in our last episode...

Quick summary.
Built in N800 video chat (Internet Call) only works with other N800s.
Skype audio works but no video support.
Gizmo5 sort of works but buggy and with heavy processor load.

Introduce X-Lite. X-Lite is a Software VOIPphone (whatever that means) made by Counterpath. Well it looks like a phone thing I guess. Any who it just happens to correctly talk with the built in N800 Internet Call software pretty well. You install X-Lite on your computer (Windows Linux Mac) put in your SIP number and call the Nokia. VoilĂ  video internet calls.

You do need to aquire a SIP number...I got mine through Voipbuster. You download and run their software to set up an account (I ran it on the Windows7 Beta I have on VMWare). I set up two accounts, one for the Nokia, and one for the desktop. Setting up the accounts on both devices was straight forward.

I made a few calls back and forth, so far the only problem is that I can't get the camera on the desktop to work with X-Lite (my PS3Eye kludge). I may try the Linux version, and a different camera...I am pretty sure I can't run Skype and this sharing the same hardware.

I am getting closer to my threat of Video Internet Calling with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

P.S. I will try this method to install X-Lite on Ubuntu.