Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sprint Tethering again

So far with the Tethering lately with my Vista laptop, it either works very well, or doesn't work at all with no reason why.

What I have learned so far...

If the cellphone battery has less than 2 bars (out of 4) it will not tether...

If PDAnet won't recognize the phone is connected, yet the phone is sync'd with the computer...reboot both of them

Sometimes the cellphone is trying to access the internet through the laptop..rather than the laptop through the cellphone...disconnect the cellphone from the laptop, get the cellphone to access the internet (will probably need to reboot it) close whatever was accessing the internet, then reconnect to the laptop.

If after fooling around trying to tether and now your phone won't sync at all...reboot everything and start over.

I can't tell if it is a Vista issue, or my hacked WM6.1...the issues occurred simultaneously.

But once it is connected, unless I am actively downloading something, my calls come through. But I will usually have to command PDAnet to reconnect to the internet (still connected to the phone...just disconnected from the internet).