Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sprint Touch Pro 2 Bluetooth tethering

Well this caused me much anguish...I was fiddling around with the iPod, and caused iBluever to crash in the process...and couldn't get it I rebooted my phone, and got a different failure...

I need to remember, that if I reboot the phone, I need to make this change.

"ForceCellConnection"="Sprint" (it will always revert back to say "phone as modem" when you reset your phone)

iBluever runs fine, Bluetooth on the iPod is not as rugged or smart as I would hope.

I cannot run roqyBT (an app that allows the iPod to access a bluetooth GPS device) at the same time as iBluever is connected.

iBluever errors and what they might mean...

-L2CAP fail
=the iPod is not being seen by the TP2...I have mine set so that only paired devices can connect...
==solution is pair the iPod to the TP2 before starting iBluever

-chat timeout at CONNECT/r
=the iPod has connected to the TP2 and is attempting to access the internet, but failing
==solution 1, watch the phone and select "Agree" when the iPod wants to use services...
==solution 2, check that registry entry at the top of this post again.

-RFCOMM not connecting
=somehow the bluetooth is not connecting like it should
==solution 1, turn off iBluever then back on
==solution 2, turn off iPod then back on
==solution 3, turn off iPod and Phone, then back on (and don't forget the registry entry)

BTW, I actually don't have problems with iBluever, but I created an issue when I linked up the iPod to a bluetooth GPS.

The complete steps I took to enable the BT tether on the TP2 are here...

Make the following changes on your TP2 with a Registry editor:
1. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\InternetSharing]
Extension="" Delete the "isext.dll"
2. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\InternetSharing\settings]
3. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\OEM\Wmodem]
Check Profile=0
4. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WIDCOMM\Plugin\DUNServ er\ControlPanel]

But the only one that keeps changing (and I don't even know if the rest of the steps are important) is step #2.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

iBluever 1.0.11 works - iPod bluetooth tether app

The iPod SpeedTest.Net app shows 179kbps down and s up, with a 365ms ping.

That is pretty normal for my Sprint service.

I have a bunch of apps that access the internet, ALL of my Apps work...I have tested about 20 apps.

If you have an iPod Touch (and maybe an iPad) you want this.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

iBluever - Bluetooth iPod tethering

I wrote previously about my iPod Touch, and that it runs all iPhone software.

I also wrote about the new Sprint Windows Mobile phone I got.

Well this developer from China, has been working on an App for the iPod (or iPhone) to tether an internet connection with bluetooth.

If you are unfamiliar with the terminology...

...Most cellphones now have a data connection, many can act as a modem for a laptop if you connect the two with a data cable (usb usually nowdays). So that gives you mobile internet access while 'tethered' to the phone.

...Bluetooth is a data connection protocol that uses very little power...many phones can uses that bluetooth connection as a network connection...and can share the internet connection via the bluetooth, sort of like a wireless bluetooth router.

So the term bluetooth tethering was born.

Now as we all know (or anyone who has used an Apple product) Apple products are very locked fun allowed.

So the 'underground world' of iPods and iPhones involves "Jailbreaking". A way to break Apple's ability to lock the device down.

You can imagine that software that allows people to get iPhone functionality without buying an iPhone would not be supported by to get this software, and other good items, you can't go to the App store. You need to Cydia, which is the App store for Jailbroken iPods and iPhones.

Back to subject.

Right now iBluever is available on Cydia. It is still an early product...mostly beta...there is a demo version and an unrestricted version you can buy.

The developer recommends trying the demo first, and if it doesn't work perfectly, don't buy the full version.

Right now in my configuration, using my Sprint Touch Pro2 as the bluetooth tether, the demo works...mostly.

I have iBluever version 1.0.8 (demo) and here is how I used it...

- first I had to pair the iPod to the TP2 using the normal iPod bluetooth.
- turn off iPod bluetooth, and start iBluever
- select my phone in the iBluever screen, select a pin, and put #777 in phone number block.
-- those were the only entries
- back to the iBluever main screen select the phone again and after a while, it will show a pop up confirming the connection
- meanwhile on the phone a few messages will show, first to put the pin in, second to authorize the ipod to access the internet

the demo only runs for a little while, Opera works, the App store seemed to work, The Weather Channel App worked.

So I hope the rest will be fixed and I will be able to buy the working product.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More TP2 and iPod/iPhone

I wanted to point out some subtle features...and describe the comparison better.

The iPod Touch (for those who don't know) is essentially an iPhone without the 3G phone (and microphone) . It is smaller than an iPhone (thinner, same size screen), it has the accelerometers like the iPhone...but no not like the 3GS.

The iPod runs all the iPhone apps and has the wifi connection for internet.

My iPod is in a Mophie battery case that allows charging, and actually allows a better grip on the iPod...but it makes the iPod about the same thickness as the iPhone, and a bit longer.

Now to compare the iPod to the TP2.

The TP2 also has accelerometers, and will orient the screen based on position of the phone, or if the keyboard has been slid out. Also the keyboard is backlit if the room is dark. There is a built in GPS, but the Google maps plugin (from Google obviously) will pinpoint your location fairly accurately just using the cell signal...and if you are outside the GPS will immediately lock in (if you select GPS on the Google maps menu).

The screen of the TP2 is longer but narrower than the iPod (it is a subltle difference) but essentially they are the same size display.

With my iPod in it's battery case the TP2 is still thicker...outside the battery case, the TP2 is more than twice as thick as the thicker than an iPhone.

The TP2 is overall narrower than shorter than the iPod (outside the battery case)...but again only by a little bit (a few millimeters).

(some size comparisons)

(shorter is left)
HTC Touch, iPod Touch, Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch Pro 2, mophie iPod battery case.
(thinner is left)
iPod Touch, mophie iPod battery, Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch, HTC Touch Pro 2.

As far as screen resolution...I cannot perceive a difference.

The TP2 has a standard Mini USB port for charging and data, a standard headphone jack, a camera, speakerphone. It has physical buttons for the phone, a windows menu button and a 'back' button right on the front.

Obviously the iPod and software are clamped down, so it runs efficiently and smoothly.

With the TP2, HTC puts their own user interface over top the WM6.5. I happen to like it, there is probably a slight performance penalty with the eye candy, but why have a flashy touchscreen phone if you don't like eye candy.

It isn't exactly as snappy as the iPod...on the otherhand, it is multitasking, unlike the iPod...which really bogs down when you attempt multitasking (can be done, but not the norm).

So because I can switch back and forth between running apps on the TP2, I will accept a slight sluggishness at times compared to the iPod...

I will freely admit, after my time with the iPod Touch, if I could have the functionality of my TP2, with the interface of the iPhone without the AT&T lockin, I would own a 3GS.

Reviewers have complained that it still uses WM6.5, but it seems like WM7 will not have the options of the older WM, and will require different apps, if it allows them at all. So we will see what my future phone will be...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Latest phone...HTC Touch Pro 2

I have needed (wanted) a new smart phone. I like many things about the iPhone3GS...but I don't like the locked down aspect, nor do I like AT&T.

Besides, there is some windows mobile software I need to run.

I have enjoyed using my old HTC Touch, but it was limited in many ways.

There are many reviews and videos of the I won't duplicate the effort.

I will say that the screen is as good or better than my iPod Touch...and much better and bigger than the old Touch.

It has a onscreen keyboard that in my opinion is better than the iPod one...this one is actual qwerty with the numbers and symbols where they should have to jailbreak your iPod to get the same functionality...and anyone who has to deal with workplace passwords knows the issue.

AND the TP2 also has a slide out qwerty hardware keyboard.

TP2 comes with IE and Opera...I use opers more, but neither can access ALL websites.

I installed Google maps and it locates well even with GPS off...GPS locks in quicker than my old Touch.

I don't like where the power button is...I hit it all the time when using the slideout keyboard.

I don't know what the battery life seems shorter than my old Touch...but I had poor battery life on my old touch when I first got it, it improved over time with better settings.

So far the only utility I have added is PocketSheild to protect from buttdialing and other touchscreen phone annoyances...

I typed this blog entry on the HTC Touch Pro 2 from Sprint.