Saturday, May 8, 2010

iBluever - Bluetooth iPod tethering

I wrote previously about my iPod Touch, and that it runs all iPhone software.

I also wrote about the new Sprint Windows Mobile phone I got.

Well this developer from China, has been working on an App for the iPod (or iPhone) to tether an internet connection with bluetooth.

If you are unfamiliar with the terminology...

...Most cellphones now have a data connection, many can act as a modem for a laptop if you connect the two with a data cable (usb usually nowdays). So that gives you mobile internet access while 'tethered' to the phone.

...Bluetooth is a data connection protocol that uses very little power...many phones can uses that bluetooth connection as a network connection...and can share the internet connection via the bluetooth, sort of like a wireless bluetooth router.

So the term bluetooth tethering was born.

Now as we all know (or anyone who has used an Apple product) Apple products are very locked fun allowed.

So the 'underground world' of iPods and iPhones involves "Jailbreaking". A way to break Apple's ability to lock the device down.

You can imagine that software that allows people to get iPhone functionality without buying an iPhone would not be supported by to get this software, and other good items, you can't go to the App store. You need to Cydia, which is the App store for Jailbroken iPods and iPhones.

Back to subject.

Right now iBluever is available on Cydia. It is still an early product...mostly beta...there is a demo version and an unrestricted version you can buy.

The developer recommends trying the demo first, and if it doesn't work perfectly, don't buy the full version.

Right now in my configuration, using my Sprint Touch Pro2 as the bluetooth tether, the demo works...mostly.

I have iBluever version 1.0.8 (demo) and here is how I used it...

- first I had to pair the iPod to the TP2 using the normal iPod bluetooth.
- turn off iPod bluetooth, and start iBluever
- select my phone in the iBluever screen, select a pin, and put #777 in phone number block.
-- those were the only entries
- back to the iBluever main screen select the phone again and after a while, it will show a pop up confirming the connection
- meanwhile on the phone a few messages will show, first to put the pin in, second to authorize the ipod to access the internet

the demo only runs for a little while, Opera works, the App store seemed to work, The Weather Channel App worked.

So I hope the rest will be fixed and I will be able to buy the working product.

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