Tuesday, May 4, 2010

More TP2 and iPod/iPhone

I wanted to point out some subtle features...and describe the comparison better.

The iPod Touch (for those who don't know) is essentially an iPhone without the 3G phone (and microphone) . It is smaller than an iPhone (thinner, same size screen), it has the accelerometers like the iPhone...but no GPS...so not like the 3GS.

The iPod runs all the iPhone apps and has the wifi connection for internet.

My iPod is in a Mophie battery case that allows charging, and actually allows a better grip on the iPod...but it makes the iPod about the same thickness as the iPhone, and a bit longer.

Now to compare the iPod to the TP2.

The TP2 also has accelerometers, and will orient the screen based on position of the phone, or if the keyboard has been slid out. Also the keyboard is backlit if the room is dark. There is a built in GPS, but the Google maps plugin (from Google obviously) will pinpoint your location fairly accurately just using the cell signal...and if you are outside the GPS will immediately lock in (if you select GPS on the Google maps menu).

The screen of the TP2 is longer but narrower than the iPod (it is a subltle difference) but essentially they are the same size display.

With my iPod in it's battery case the TP2 is still thicker...outside the battery case, the TP2 is more than twice as thick as the iPod...so thicker than an iPhone.

The TP2 is overall narrower than shorter than the iPod (outside the battery case)...but again only by a little bit (a few millimeters).

(some size comparisons)

(shorter is left)
HTC Touch, iPod Touch, Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch Pro 2, mophie iPod battery case.
(thinner is left)
iPod Touch, mophie iPod battery, Samsung Instinct, HTC Touch, HTC Touch Pro 2.

As far as screen resolution...I cannot perceive a difference.

The TP2 has a standard Mini USB port for charging and data, a standard headphone jack, a camera, speakerphone. It has physical buttons for the phone, a windows menu button and a 'back' button right on the front.

Obviously the iPod and software are clamped down, so it runs efficiently and smoothly.

With the TP2, HTC puts their own user interface over top the WM6.5. I happen to like it, there is probably a slight performance penalty with the eye candy, but why have a flashy touchscreen phone if you don't like eye candy.

It isn't exactly as snappy as the iPod...on the otherhand, it is multitasking, unlike the iPod...which really bogs down when you attempt multitasking (can be done, but not the norm).

So because I can switch back and forth between running apps on the TP2, I will accept a slight sluggishness at times compared to the iPod...

I will freely admit, after my time with the iPod Touch, if I could have the functionality of my TP2, with the interface of the iPhone without the AT&T lockin, I would own a 3GS.

Reviewers have complained that it still uses WM6.5, but it seems like WM7 will not have the options of the older WM, and will require different apps, if it allows them at all. So we will see what my future phone will be...

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