Sunday, May 2, 2010

Latest phone...HTC Touch Pro 2

I have needed (wanted) a new smart phone. I like many things about the iPhone3GS...but I don't like the locked down aspect, nor do I like AT&T.

Besides, there is some windows mobile software I need to run.

I have enjoyed using my old HTC Touch, but it was limited in many ways.

There are many reviews and videos of the I won't duplicate the effort.

I will say that the screen is as good or better than my iPod Touch...and much better and bigger than the old Touch.

It has a onscreen keyboard that in my opinion is better than the iPod one...this one is actual qwerty with the numbers and symbols where they should have to jailbreak your iPod to get the same functionality...and anyone who has to deal with workplace passwords knows the issue.

AND the TP2 also has a slide out qwerty hardware keyboard.

TP2 comes with IE and Opera...I use opers more, but neither can access ALL websites.

I installed Google maps and it locates well even with GPS off...GPS locks in quicker than my old Touch.

I don't like where the power button is...I hit it all the time when using the slideout keyboard.

I don't know what the battery life seems shorter than my old Touch...but I had poor battery life on my old touch when I first got it, it improved over time with better settings.

So far the only utility I have added is PocketSheild to protect from buttdialing and other touchscreen phone annoyances...

I typed this blog entry on the HTC Touch Pro 2 from Sprint.

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