Sunday, March 21, 2010

Timelapse cam setup

...CHDK is the software...I mentioned that earlier...this is the hardware.

This is a SportsPack waterproof camera housing. It has slide in mounts for a variety of camcorders...and is designed to electronically integrate with Sony camcorders (controls on top run camcorder)...

...obviously I am only using the housing...but I was able to use one of the extra slide in mounts to build a mount for my just barely fits...I don't think a DSLR would fit at all...we will see about that some time in the future.

Front view...I have the camera so the lens is almost touching the front glass...and is as centered as I can get it.

The camera mount slid out...showing the hacked together bracket and battery pack.

Another view showing the camera on its mount with the battery pack.

...this is the result...this attempt was with the mockup of the current mount...the lens was too far from the front glass in that setup...

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