Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some robotic...VR...etc links...

So one ongoing project is the ROVIO...well some third party applications have been written for it (as well as an iPhone app). Here are a couple that I haven't tried yet, but look interesting... ...basically use this to build a VR world with your ROVIO as the input, and your computer as the world generator. software to allow your robot to use its camera(s) as vision...think the DARPA autonomous vehicles...ROVIO specific software here... a multi blade helicopter...microprocessor controlled...and seems like an easy (relatively) way to make an autonomous vehicle ($1000 for the basic unit)

Now back when I was a kid...I wanted one of these...Big can get them n0w on ebay for not much money...and of course some folks are hacking on them...
replace the Big Trak controls with OOPic (site only on Wayback Machine)

How about a iPhone controlled hexapod?

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