Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nokia N800 Video chat revisited

As seen in our last episode...

Quick summary.
Built in N800 video chat (Internet Call) only works with other N800s.
Skype audio works but no video support.
Gizmo5 sort of works but buggy and with heavy processor load.

Introduce X-Lite. X-Lite is a Software VOIPphone (whatever that means) made by Counterpath. Well it looks like a phone thing I guess. Any who it just happens to correctly talk with the built in N800 Internet Call software pretty well. You install X-Lite on your computer (Windows Linux Mac) put in your SIP number and call the Nokia. VoilĂ  video internet calls.

You do need to aquire a SIP number...I got mine through Voipbuster. You download and run their software to set up an account (I ran it on the Windows7 Beta I have on VMWare). I set up two accounts, one for the Nokia, and one for the desktop. Setting up the accounts on both devices was straight forward.

I made a few calls back and forth, so far the only problem is that I can't get the camera on the desktop to work with X-Lite (my PS3Eye kludge). I may try the Linux version, and a different camera...I am pretty sure I can't run Skype and this sharing the same hardware.

I am getting closer to my threat of Video Internet Calling with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

P.S. I will try this method to install X-Lite on Ubuntu.

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