Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dell Mini 9

I bit the bullet...I couldn't pass up on the $50 off deal. I bought the Ubuntu stripped down version...but added the bluetooth ($20) and 1.3Mpxl webcam ($35?) for a shipped price of $270.

I can get 2gig ram from Crucial for $25.

Crucial is advertising a 32GB SSD drive for $75...but they have none in stock.

Altogether it comes out to MUCH cheaper than buying it that way from Dell.

I have decided to install OSX on it. Like these guys...more info on the mini9. Other hacks here.

I decide to do this and not wait for the 10" for a few, I travel out of country quite a bit, and I would probably cry if my M1330 got broke or stolen. Also I keep the M1330 stuffed in my roll-a-board, and the extra large battery sticks out precariously. So it will save space in the bag, and make it easier to pull it out to put in the 'separate tray for xraying'.

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