Friday, January 25, 2008

Bluetooth Keyboard and Password protected Windows shares

I just got the Think Outside Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard. Worked great with my phone and N800. Not as nice as having a full size keyboard, but typing on it is ok...numbers are a pain, but it beats a stylus on the screen.

Apparently NOBODY can access shared windows drives with the Nokia devices UNLESS they are not password protected. Well mine are. So I guess I don't get access.

Luckily they are not all are password protected (apparently) because I can browse them and access files using the Filemanager on the N800. Hopefully there will be a decent solution for that soon.

Whats next? Not much, I am pretty content with the N800, good web browser, good file browser, good video player (with mplayer installed). The N770 I had to modify quite a bit to get things done, the N800 is pretty effortless at the same tasks.

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