Saturday, December 27, 2008

Canon camera Hacks

I was watching System on Revision3 (bunch of TechTV folks). The latest episode describes a simple method to hack into your Canon camera with some simple free files and scripts.

Why? So you have more control over everything your camera does...for example motion capture...or auto exposure bracketing. Stuff you would expect on a high end camera now available on your cheap camera.

The software is CHDK and simply installs onto a flash memory card you stick in your camera. The most simple hack I have ever isn't even permanent, remove the card/delete the software, and it is back to normal.

All you need to look at is the FAQ, it shows what cameras are included, where the software is for what camera, how to use it etc. The only even remotely technical part is you need to create a blank text file named "ver.req" put it into your SD card, start up the camera in view (not camera) mode, do a button sequence and view the firmware of your camera. There was only only one firmware listed for my A530 and that is the firmware version I had.

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