Sunday, May 10, 2009


So I got a second Dell Mini 9...this one for the wife. I decided (and she agreed) that OSX will be the primary OS on her machine (easy plug and play for her camera for viewing and printing).

Well it arrived in the mail from the Dell refurbished warehouse about 2 days after I ordered it with free shipping.

Unfortunately I was heading out of town that afternoon and couldn't do an OSX install in that short amount of time, so I decided to simply set up the XP Home with the house network so she could do some surfing.

Well I found out to my horror that the install that came on the machine was UNABLE to access my WPA encrypted wifi network. For comparision, Ubunutu immediately logged in, XP Pro immediately logged in, OSX immediately logged in.

I downloaded all the upgrades (took a couple of hours) still no WPA. Reading some forums gave some solutions, but I had run out of time, so it sits there on my desk, in front of the two 22" LCD monitors plugged into an ethernet cable...pathetic.

I could attempt to figure out what the problem is...maybe old drivers...but I don't care, I will put a fresh install of XP Pro on a small partition of the new SSD drive, and OSX on the rest.

Whatever the issue is, the Mini 9 should have shipped with the latest patches and drivers...

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