Saturday, September 19, 2009

ASUS P5Q PRO Turbo Motherboard

My main gaming/video editing system...i.e. the fast system with the most ram etc...Had a ASUS P5LD2 Mobo with an Intel 775 CPU...

Well it died...slowly, but still dead. I say slowly, because over a year ago, the PS2 keyboard input failed...the keyboard was fine, but the computer didn't see it. (I might have allowed some tight fitting components to touch).

Since USB worked fine, I just threw in a USB keyboard and pressed on.

Well I was working on it again...and something must have again been jostled. There is a Green LED on most mobos that indicates that power is available from the PSU. They normally either are on or off. Mine was rapidly flashing. Of course nothing in any of the manuals mentions that, but I was able to find an obscure post in the internet that said that it was a power failure of some kind...probably in the +5v range. I tested the PSU, it was fine.

So I pondered if it was time to completely upgrade my system with a new mobo, and new CPU and new ram...or just put my parts on another mobo.

I went the cheap route...So after I get the new mobo I realize that it not only is set up for using a second video card (SLI) it can also take the fastest socket 775 CPUs I can buy...the CPU I have now is the fastest the old dead mobo could use...a 2.6 core 2 duo.

more places to spend money...

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