Thursday, June 17, 2010

iBluever screenshots

I thought I would show some screenshots of how to setup iBluever, and how to operate.

This is what you first see when iBluever starts...note the "Connected to Bluet00th daemon."

Now we turn iBluever ON
Note "Bluet00th initialized successfully"

Now it starts populating the list with visible bluetooth devices.

Now it has named all the visible bluetooth devices.
click on the device you wish to use (or hit the (>) if changing settings)

Here is the settings screen, these are the only settings I used for my Sprint phone.

Now go back to the main screen, and tap on the device you are connecting to. (all the visible devices will still be on the screen)

The script will start, and will take longer the first time while your phone is linking to the iPod your phone for pop up messages about PIN or data access.

Now script has successfully completed, and it shows a green checkmark and the mac address etc below the device name...

...if it doesn't successfully complete, the last script step will still be showing below the device name.

After you have successfully connected to your phone, and then turned iBluever off, your settings will be saved, and from then on just click on the device name to connect...

BTW, on my sprint phone I needed to change a registry setting to share data over the bluetooth...see previous posts on the subject.

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