Monday, July 19, 2010

Move Evolution data to new install...

I am not a Linux GURU, nor am I a noob. However moving the evolution data was an incredibility painful process.

First, Evolution has a built in (well built in if you add it) back up system, that will back up everything into a nice .gz file. That part did work just fine.

ALSO this same app is supposed to be able to install your evolution data from a backup. Let me just say that (depending on how much data you have...and mine is in the Gigs) it takes a while to make this data file, and about twice as long to re-import.

Unfortunately the re-import was not working for me, maybe I had too much data, maybe there had been a large change between my version of Evolution, and the new one...

Suffice to say the recovery of my data into the new Evolution did not work would run for a few hours attacking the .gz file, sifting through the data, then crash. I will just say I ran through many iterations, but got the same result.

So obviously I need to move the data by

I looked at hundreds of links, until I found an easy (ha) answer.

I used the data in these links...mostly the first one...but I manually pasted the files...bad things happen to me whenever I use the CP link. And I needed to run the File Browser in root to do it.

First and simplest link

The first hard part was figuring out where all the files were hidden (and they are hidden files btw).

After I had all the files...I pasted them where they needed to go.

Then because I needed to be in root with the File Browser...I had to change all the permissions back...duh.

Simple walk through of permissions.

That whole process from when I first decided to move the Evolution data, till I got a working version of Evolution was 3 days. And after all the research and trial and error was done, it actually only took a couple of hours...and mostly because my email files are so huge.

I would like to report that it is all good...but for some reason, whenever I open the calendar for the first time, an error message showed up that "Tasks" failed...probably another permissions issue.

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