Thursday, November 11, 2010

Some interesting Amateur radio links.

Doing some more SDR (Software Defined Radio) research and found some interesting links.

First is A list of SDR systems online...i.e. you can use via internet. The first one I went to is pretty amazing. seems to give full control of the radio to a nice Java interface...waterfall displays have to see it to believe it.

Next I found the SDR Monitoring System...listing the status of online SDR sets displayed on a Google map...I don't know if it has ever been updated, but the concept is neat.

Next is the VHF Propagation Maps, where APRS data is used to determine the propagation (range) of VHF and some HF sets...displayed on a map.

Texas VHF is a site of info and links for Texas based, and other Amateur radio.

Ham Radio University is an event on Long Island in January...I will have to see if my schedule will let me attend.

The SDR radio sites make me REALLY want to invest in this technology...

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