Friday, January 21, 2011

Google Earth in 3D - HTPC - part 4a - done

So in the previous installment (literally) I was running the TriDef software with my ATI HD 4550 card, but it would only display on the TV in 3D if it was in the Side by Side settings.

So I got a ATI HD5570 (cheap)...stuck in in and ran the TriDef software (only $24 if you have one of the supported ATI HD5xxx or HD6xxx cards.

The only thing I did to the HTPC is uninstall and reinstall the TriDef software...I don't know if I had to, but I thought the ATI ready software would be different...well there was no different software to download, so I reinstalled the version I had.

My TV's 3D setting was if 3D info was there, it would show it in 3D.

Guess what, the 3D data WAS there, the TV recognised it immediately and displayed the TriDef menu in 3D. So of course I clicked on Google Earth, and this time the TriDef sofware overlay (I assume) on GE said "3D disabled, change to full screen to enable 3D" or something like that...I dutifully did so (F11) and saw the 3D GE world. Amazing!

I haven't used any other options yet (3D videos, games) but GE worked perfectly...well, really well.

There were no weird menu issues or anything like that...but the mouse only shows up in one eye. It's kinda distracting...but nothing like when I was running the Side by Side display.

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