Saturday, February 12, 2011

Audio delay using Creative X-Fi and Win7

It seems that Creative's audio cards are really not up to par for many things...and the software seems to leave a lot to be desired.

I have had continuous problems using the card and Win7...mainly my audio inputs wouldn't work.

I did an uninstall and reboot, Win7 popped up a window with a link to new drivers. I installed them and that is when I noticed the audio delay.

FTR I think the audio panel is a huge PITA to configure.

This link had the solution.

Priestest: Users MedalsOkay. I have the solution. Right click the speaker icon (on windows 7) on the task bar then left click on "recording devices". Right click on the microphone and left click on properties. Go to the "listen" tab and make sure the "listen to this device" check box is unchecked. Okay now close the microphone properties window. The "sound" window should still be open. Go to "playback" tab,right click on speakers and left click on properties. Then click on the "levels" tab. You should see a microphone section with its playback volume muted. Unmute it and increase or decrease the playback volume as desired. There should be no noticeable delay when you speak into the microphone now. :)
Yup, this completely solved the delay.


Neil Oakley said...

This was driving me mad. Thank you so much for the advice - worked a treat - no guitar latency :)

Anonymous said...

THX THX THX sooo much!
I've searched so long for a solution.