Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Google Ruined Google Reader!

My Google Reader was just updated to the 'new and improved' version. (31 OCT 11) (and I hope it is only a Halloween prank)

It sucks.

I normally don't complain about free stuff, I use Gmail, and Google Calendar, but I only use the data, not the website access...so I don't care they also changed those UIs.

But GR has replaced the old Google page as my default web page displayed. And the old interface was simple to move around, and see what was read/unread, and the articles were well placed. I didn't have a complaint- from my Desktop with 22" screens, to Laptop with 13" screen, to 9" netbook, to Nook...the UI was just fine.

But now they had to 'improve' it.

If they do not change it back, or at least make it look similar to the old version, I will have to use something else for my reader...and probably Mozilla Thunderbird.

...think about all the lost Ad revenue Google, if everyone switches to another reader...

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