Thursday, January 2, 2014

iPhone 4S iOS7.04 Untethered Jailbreak!

It amazes me how much the iOS jailbreaking has progressed since the old days...

I just knocked out the update to iOS7.04 and then Jailbroke my 4S.

There is nothing weird to watch out for.

Some recommendations.
-Make an unencrypted backup of your iOS device before doing this.

-Download the iOS7.04 update first on your computer (through iTunes) THEN update your phone.

-Let all the apps and things finish syncing

-Do a backup of that new iOS7 install with all your data sync'd.

Now do the jailbreak.

The folks at evad3rs did the evasiOn7 iOS7.x jailbreak.

But minimal info there...

So I looked at this RedmondPie page, with video and did it...

It takes a while...between all the syncs and be patient, give yourself an hour or so (assuming you already have iOS7 downloaded.


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