Monday, January 4, 2016

MDSR BiLIF assembly

So quite a while ago I built the LIF circuit to take IF from my Yaesu radio and use it in a computer for SDR (computer controlled radio with waterfall features...all the bells and whistles).

The second part of the task is to build the BiLIF circuit.

LIF simply takes the IF and receives it.

BiLIF sends IF back to the radio...the BiLIF circuit uses the LIF board, so it is all in one TX/RX circuit.

The LIF came as a complete kit...just need to add power source, and the ability to connect to your IF source.

The BiLIF had some harder to procure parts...but I still needed to order a large number of components, and assemble the whole thing...the additional components were around $40 at Digikey.

 I had the parts that came in the kit spread out in this container. In this photo only an inductor, a relay and some connecting pins remain.


My stack of components were shipped like this from Digikey...To make my life easier, I used the component name from the parts list in the comment section as I added each part to my 'cart'.  i.e. 2k7.   I could more easily match it to the parts list.   Then when I received the stack of parts, I compared the part to the list and in marker listed the individual parts on the bags... i.e. R1, 7, 23, 42 (made up example)   You can see the labeling in the picture above.

I did a fourth of the board here before i took a break for the day...put in most of the supplied components.

 Mostly done...

Done sitting next to the modified LIF board.   Added a cap (luckily I ordered spares for the BILIF) .  Removed the power regulator, and added a jumper wire in place of it.

Note the cap laying on its side, the parts list calls for 2 low profile caps because they sit under the LIF board...One low profile cap fit nice...the other one was way to wide to fit, so I had to lay the normal cap over (again luckily I bought spares).  I think the other cap can lay over also, and you don't need a low profile cap.  (C31 and C33)

Here is the modified LIF board  Added a cap (luckily I ordered spares).  Removed voltage regulator and installed jumper wire...also added one more pin header.

Finished assembly with LIF board mated on top of the BiLIF board.

I have ordered some pin headers and wires to connect the board to the rest of my stuff...including the Asus Xonar U7 USB audio board.

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