Wednesday, December 9, 2009

ROVIO headlight (and laser) mod

One common complaint about the ROVIO is that the built in LED 'headlight' is weak.

I used this guys mod to add a couple of giant Radio Shack LEDs and a LASER.

The wiring diagrams are on the link. I used the two brightest LEDs that RS sells (they are huge...the size of my pinkie). I also threw on a LASER that I pulled out of a flashlight (sold in a muli pack from Home Depot). I used a 100 ohm resistor to drop the voltage a bit...I could have probably used a 70 ohm resistor for the laser.

This is the result...the ROVIO took the pictures in a pitch black room.

The small image doesn't do it justice...but the right bulb is lighting up the wall about 6 feet away...and between the two is the red laser.

This is a capture...I cropped it but thats about all you get from the ROVIO software.

This image was taken with another camera...with the room lights on.

This is the flashlight I gutted.

I didn't want the bulk of putting the entire end of the flashlight on it...but now that I have done this mod, it won't be a big deal to add it if I change my mind.


Ben Trovato said...

This is a great mod, both yours and the original article. Could you list the Radio Shack part numbers, especially for the LEDs? Thanks.

bubba zanetti said...

I have thrown away the packaging...but they are the Jumbo white LEDs at RS...I am pretty sure there is only one choice...well I just looked online, they have added a few choices, but I think it is...
10mm Ultra-High Brightness White LED
Model: 276-005 | Catalog #: 276-005