Sunday, February 7, 2010

More Bad Caps

I have been busy, so no projects right now...but I did have the opportunity to troubleshoot my main system. BSOD etc.

After ruling out virii, and memory issues...I hooked up my Frozen CPU Ultimate LCD Power Supply Tester to the just over warranty Enermax 600W power supply...and it kept shutting down.

So I pull it out, and open the PSU up...guess what, 5 capacitors that had bulged out and and were leaking out the top...(the brown spots in the out of focus picture is the leaking stuff)

So the replacement is a Corsair HX750 with modular wiring...which let me tell you, it a very nice feature. Also it has extra dedicated wires when I get around to adding a second ATI card.

...well back to the Super Bowl.

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