Saturday, February 4, 2012

iOS 5.0.1 Jailbreak, Untethered, Unlocked 3GS

If you look at my posts, you can see that I wait to upgrade to the new iOS until I have to.

Like now.

I have 2 Apps (not sure which ones) that show up on the upgrade list, but when I select all the upgrades (all) stop because one app needs iOS5. So you have to upgrade each app individually...pain.

So yesterday I looked to see if the iOS5 had an Untethered Jailbreak (JB) does.

So then I checked to see if it could still be can.

And once again it seems I must reinvent the wheel to do an iOS upgrade here is the list of links I used.

One part is knowing which bootrom (iBoot) your phone uses...if it has an older bootrom, the JB is simple...mine does, but how do you know for sure? This link for one, later I will mention a possible other way.

A need to know item for iPhone JB is how to enter and exit DFU mode. Most JB tools will get you into DFU mode...but what if something happens and you need to get out? This link has all the info.

Next part of puzzle is Unlocking the iPhone. Unlocking is where you free up the carrier on the phone, so you can use whatever SIM card/cellphone carrier you want. I have a roaming international pay as you go SIM card I use. Cheaper than any regular carrier so far.

Evertime Apple does an iPhone update they change the 'radio' and only certain radios can be unlocked. What radio do you have? (it is also called Baseband, and Modem Firmware).

Mine is radio 05.13.04, an unlockable version...

...but I need to keep that version to keep the iPhone unlockable after the iOS update...this is a key point.

So lets get to the iOS update and we will use Redsn0w. I have used Redsn0w for about half of my JBs and I like it better than sn0wbreeze.

I followed these two links...the iOS5 seems to be a bit more difficult to JB than previous versions, so a few more steps are required. is a fantastic website for this kind of info. But these steps were from

Here is a quick summary of what we are doing, then I will post the links.


-download redsn0w and the iOS5.0.1 update for the iPhone 3GS (each device has a different iOS...get the correct one)
-use resn0w to modify the iOS5 file to not change the current Baseband (BB, radio, modem firmware) in my iPhone.
-fool iTunes into installing this modified iOS5 update to my phone.

...then the second link does the following steps.
-apply untethered JB to now iOS5 phone (be advised, the software will want to look at the original iOS5 update file, but will not install it...don't worry.
-install Cydia etc.

Now that I have a JB iOS5 iPhone, I can run the Ultrasn0w software I download to my iPhone using the Cydia app that the JB installed.

It was a straight forward install, but it asked some questions I was not ready for...first one (asked twice) was if i had an older iBoot.

The second one was when it asked for the original iOS5 file, I was mildly afraid it was the wrong wasn't.

Just follow the steps and it will work.

Obviously after I did the upgrade and unlock etc...I used my fresh backup to put all my stuff back on the iPhone, and also tranferred all my apps back.

Cydia will also keep track of what paid apps you have so you can reinstall those.

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