Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kenwood D-710 backup battery change

Apparently the Kenwood D-710 APRS dual band transceiver has a back up battery for the clock.

Your memory and presets don't need it, but the clock on the display does...and probably it uses that clock for APRS time date stamps on reports.

At some point in the last few months mine died.  I didn't realize it until I noticed that the clock just showed blank lines


Then I went about trying to figure out where the battery was, what kind it was, etc.   Suprisingly harder to find out than you would expect for a replaceable item.

Long story short, I found some schematics and diagrams for the unit.  I searched for a battery and eventually found it.

It is a tiny rechargeable lithium battery mounted in the remote head.

Specifically it is a Sanyo ML614 battery, just a button cell, no solder leads (both kinds are available).

 It isn't something you will probably find locally, I found it online at a few electronics supply stores, and with shipping they were all around $8.   I ordered mine from Radio Shack.

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