Friday, September 6, 2013

Linksys WRT54G V2 w/ DD-WRT used as a Client Bridge

I have a few projects in progress, but I thought I would add my thoughts on this.

I spent all last evening, and most of today on and off trying to do this.

I received a defunct WRT54G Version 2.0, it wouldn't do it's router job properly with the linksys software, and was flakey anyway.

So it sat for a few months when it was replaced and then instead of going into the trash it was given to me.  If you read the reports, you know there were a lot of issues with some of these I figured I would attempt loading DD-WRT on it, and maybe use it somewhere (actually looking at a HMSS-MESH setup...maybe later)

I won't retype all the well documented steps at DD-WRT I used to accomplish this...just point out some important (maybe hidden) items.

(1) First, flash the 54G with the DD-WRT firmware as annotated here.

- they mention a 30/30/30 is well explained here.

--1. DO A HARD RESET *BEFORE AND AFTER* YOU CHANGE DD-WRT FIRMWARE VERSIONS. This does not mean hitting the reset button and saying you are done. This means doing the 30-30-30 reset. To do a 30-30-30 reset you must push the reset button with your router powered on. Hold it for 30 seconds with the router powered on. STILL holding it, pull the power cord for 30 seconds. Still holding it, plug the power back into your router and continue to hold the reset button for 30 more seconds. You will have held the button for a full 90 seconds without releasing it.

 (2) Next install the preferred firmware as noted lower down the page on that last link...

--12548 is a good build for older G only routers.

 --note that in the first (1) step, you installed a firmware named  dd-wrt.v24_mini_wrt54g.bin
---so download the firmware from the list in (2) that has "mini" in the name.

(3) Again, follow this link for updating the firmware...BTW it is called the 'Peacock Thread'.

(4) assuming everything is working properly, follow these directions.

I did all that, but want to add some info.

-I set up my network under 192.168.11.x  so I had to modify the instruction to use that...obvious, but people may miss that.
-At some point in the past, I set up my wireless network a WPA2-Mixed...apparently that is a bad idea...and caused my many hours of hair pulling...
--I changed it after I read this link...
-Avoid WPA2 Personal MIXED, as it will likely kill communication between the routers (see Security section below for more on this). WPA2 Personal is fine.
 ---it immediately started working after I changed to WPA2-Personal...not mixed...and use AES vs TKIP+AES.

The DD-WRT forums are full of info, but it is a bit hard to sift through, and the forums are very nice to the clueless (like me in this case)...but luckily the answers were all there.

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