Tuesday, September 10, 2013

ADS-B on Win7 with RTL-SDR --RTL1090 adsbSCOPE

(Note: I wrote this while I was using the 4000e version USB tuner stick I had originally used for SDR.   I just got an 820T version, and other than using a newer version of Zadig, I did not change anything in my installation to use it, the software explaned in this post still works without any changes...and reception improved.

For completeness sake, I thought I would throw on the Win7 version of this...using the PC as receiver and decoder.

(here is my original blog entry on the USB stick and Win7)

Some info was here...but not complete.

Again the adsbSCOPE software is here.

RTL1090 Software Download from here.(a little way down the page)  I got the German web site the first time...your mileage may vary.

When you unzip the contents and view the readme, you might get confused.

If you have already been using the RTL-SDR dongle on that computer (like I did) then just do these steps.

1 -Download this file http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/raw-attachment/wiki/rtl-sdr/RelWithDebInfo.zip

2 -Unzip

3 -Dig through the folders "rtl-sdr-release\x32\" (assuming a 32 bit OS...I haven't tried the 64bit)
     and copy the following files to your RTL1090 unzip folder location.
      -msvcr100.dll and

4 -Now your RTL1090 folder should have (at least) the following files...

5 - Stick in the USB, launch the RTL1090.exe program, and hit start.
     it shouldn't give any errors, just data...if errors, then probably you haven't used the dongle in that   USB port before...you need to install the rtl-sdr drivers.

if it works, then launch adsbSCOPE.

The only setting is in the Network area (like the previous topic) click the button labled RTL1090, and the button labled LOCAL.

Thats it, enable the client, and you should get data.

This screen shot shows the RTL1090 running, with the adsbSCOPE in the background...you can keep RTL1090 in the background normally...

...NY airspace is busy!

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