Monday, September 9, 2013

RTL-SDR on the Raspberry Pi far the Pi does not have enough horsepower to run the typical SDR linux for now don't expect waterfall displays etc.

But the Pi WILL see the TV USB dongle I use, and the RTL software does run...

I will list the links and steps I used to get the hardware/software running...

...time passes...

There seem to be 3/4 projects along this subject (that I am interested in anyway))

(1/2)First two involve using the rtl_fm runs the a server and audio etc is decoded on a client, the other involves actually tuning in and listening to audio on the Pi.

(3)Next one uses the rtl software and multimon to decode APRS messages.

(4)Last one uses the rtl software and some other software to receive ADS-B aircraft transponder data.

So far the last one is working suprisingly well.  The first one seems to work, the second one is a nogo...and I lost the link I found that described #3.

It is interesting, it seems that the links I find on one computer are different than on another computer using the same search in the process I have lost some locations...that is what is delaying this blog entry...

...I will say, over the next week, I won't be playing with this stuff...but I will be able to research and organize the links.

I will probably break out the #1/#2 to a different section than #3/#4.  So consider this a top level article.

More to follow.

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