Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another way to throw away money

No, I am not talking about the iPhone...I personally don't want to switch to AT&T...but it is tempting.

No I am talking about Radio Controlled Helicopters. (not the little ones in the grocery store) By themselves they have some cost involved...especially when a gust of wind throws it into a tree, and you have to buy a few new parts.

But now you can buy an 'autopilot'...well actually an auto leveling/position holding system.

There are a few different styles on the market...but this is the one I am installing, getting ready to try out...

The Helicommand apparently has three axis of gyros giving input to the 'brain'. In addition it has a camera on the bottom to view tell if the vehicle is moving (drifting) or holding position. It took a week or so to install and set up (so the helicopter doesn't crash on the first try).

More later when I actually fly it.

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