Thursday, November 6, 2008

La FONera hacked

I happened into this little project because of a show on and his notes.

My brother would ask me..."ok, so why are you going to do this"?

I decided that actually I wanted to use the FONera as a WIFI link for some IP cameras.

I have a couple of Panasonic BL-C10A IP cameras...they are pretty nice (about $40 on ebay)...but they are ethernet only. I looked at the BL-C30 wifi cam (about $100 or so on ebay) but it does not have WPA encryption I would have to run my wifi naked with it...Panasonic does have the BL-C131 which HAS WPA...but I can't find one under $180 on ebay...$300 retail. So to me $20 for FON (or cheaper if you are lucky) plus $40 for camera...and a couple of hours of waiting around (can't call it work) is a much better deal than $180.

I was stuck because the FON company automatically upgrades their routers whenever they are connected to the internet...and mine was used and had version 0.7.2 r2. (the hackable ones are 0.7.1 r2 and earlier).

Well I fell upon this little blurb on how to hack into the Fonera 2200 (mine is a 2100) but the STEP 1 worked perfect...the reset part. I won't quote it here for the sake of room, but I had to do the hard reset (push the button and hold) about 4 times. When I was done my Fonera showed it was now 0.7.0 r4, a hackable version.

...note...after using that, I found this thread...and a much shorter reset procedure...I will try that on the next one.

Now that it is hackable...I can follow any set of instructions for unlocking SSH, telneting in...installing software etc (it runs linux of course).

To be continued...

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