Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some FONera links

I will put all the useful links here...there is a lot of info out there. Hopefully this can be a bit organized.

For equipment, I used my WinXP laptop with a wifi card AND plugged a standard ethernet cable into the FONera.

Darren Kitchen's how-to (good example for gaining SSH access)...(stop after that if you aren't installing jasager...I am installing DD-WRT) has this basic info to enable SSH...with the exact VI commands required.

My Fon Blog (not MINE but that is the name of it) (this is what I followed to flash mine)

Of course a ton of stuff on DD-WRT...but specifically...this tutorial. (basically same as previous one)

I am attempting to install DD-WRT from here. (v24-sp1/Consumer/Fon/Fonera/...I can't direct link to the folder). To get older ones....sometimes the Fonera folder is under the chipset name.

BTW I actually just got it running. DD-WRT that is...I was stuck and realized that I hadn't put in "exec" in the scripts to it wouldn't complete the read the directions.

...BTW I recommend connecting via ethernet...and realize that you will have to change the IP of your computer (the laptop in my case) at various times through the process...why? Because each bit sets a different default IP address.

Sure...after I finish I find a video walkthrough...(realize they are using an older version of a slightly different procedure)

Next step is setting it up as a wireless bridge? Maybe this will help.

...time passes...

This DD-WRT wiki entry is how I set up the wireless bridge...but it missed a couple of important was my WPA setpu was listed as WPA Personal (not WPA2 Personal or etc) second was in the SETUP>ADVANDED ROUTING tab I needed to set mine to "Router" (default is Gateway).

Right now I have my laptop conneted to the world through the ethernet tether to the FON wifi bridge.

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