Friday, November 28, 2008

Touch phone GPS

I found this piece of GPS software to run on my Touch phone that very nice. Uses google maps, has nice viewing angles, and has turn directions.

Also this thread seems to solve the problem of my phone not wanting to turn the GPS on after a while.
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\ConnMgr\Providers\{7C4B7A3 8-5FF7-4bc1-80F6-5DA7870BB1AA}\Connections\Phone as Modem]

Change the value to 0, and soft reset.
But for my phone it isn't "Phone as Modem" it is "Data Network"

(soft reset is accomplished by pushing the recessed button at the bottom of the phone)

This is not a permanent fix...after I get the GPS running, then I have to view the internet settings to get that working again...but after that it all works...

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