Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dell Mini Triple boot continued (part 3)

"When we last saw our hero..."

Up to this point I have,
- installed a Runcore 64gig SSD card on the Mini.
- installed XP pro on it (in a 20 gig partition)
- repartitioned the drive and moved the XP install to the third partition
- added a fourth partition large enough to the Ubuntu that came installed on the Mini
- used rsync to copy the Ubuntu install from the Mini to the Runcore SSD drive via USB cable.
- successfully booted to XP (again)
- mostly successfully reinstalled GRUB (to the Ubuntu partition) and booted Linux.
--mostly successful because when I reboot, it goes back to the XP boot...

As I write this...early in the morning (or late at night). I used the DellMiniBoot123v8.02b1 to allow the actual retail OSX10 DVD to install. Because I am triple booting, I have to 'hack' the OSX install to work with a MBR drive... If I was only installing OSX to a blank drive, I wouldn't need that step. (GUID ?)

So I have been following this post...and therefore I have been...
- boot using dellminiboot123.
- swap disks, hit the ESC key and ENTER to use the default (9f) to boot the install DVD
- once it boots to the install screen and you get to the point where it needs a drive (and it won't use the MBR one...)
- stick in a USB drive (or stick) with more than 8gig to 16gig in size. (I am using a 16gig)
- open the disk manager, select that usb drive, format 'mac os journaled' and select the option of GUID boot record.
- now chose that new drive as your install drive and let it chug away for a few lies as it gets near the end...23 minues is an hour etc. (last 2 minutes took half an hour)
--you will get a warning saying "Install Failed" (because it can't reboot to that drive...yet)
- when that is done reboot using that dellminiboot123 disk again
- make sure that usb drive (stick) with the new install is plugged in...then type in...(80 or 81 or 82...9f is the DVD drive?)...mine was 80.
- when you finally get it to boot off that drive (stick), plug in ANOTHER usb stick (8gig).
- at this point you should have two usb sticks installed (or a drive and a stick...however you do it) and also insert the install DVD again.

I don't want to repeat all the instructions, but that part I had to read a few times to understand what they meant.

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