Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dell Mini triple boot success! (part 4)

Lets see, where was I.

So I installed the standard OSX on my 16gb flash drive so that I could create an install disk that would install OSX to a MBR hard drive.
-while I was copying the DVD to the other (8gb) flash drive, (and went to bed) it stopped at 46 minutes to go...but it looked I went for it.

- removed the OSX DVD and the 16gb flash drive. reinstalled the dellminiboot disk and the 8gb flashdrive that I edited (as per linked instructions)...again booted up chose 80 for drive and booted from 8gb flash drive (install dvd)
-this time the installer allowed me to install to my 64gb drive
-I used the disk utility to lable that first partition EFI
-I installed OSX to the second partition
-...time passes...but much quicker than the flash drive install (16gb one)
-I reboot again with only the dellminibood disk in
-osx boots up
-go to the folder in the boot cd (DellMini9Utils) and install the AboutThisMac.pkg and DELLEFI (the instructions say to download the latest...they seemed to be the same to me)
-that file installs stuff into the EFI folder so OSX will boot on its own.
-remove the disk and are there
-also the other partitions were there in the boot menu, XP worked, Ubuntu booted to GRUB>

At least the XP worked right away...I will play a bit with the Ubuntu install to fix grub.

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