Sunday, April 12, 2009

IPcop, OpenVPN and the internets-revisited

Back a few months ago I had sucessfully loaded and ran OpenVPN on my IPcop router, and was able to access my home network securely from where ever I wanted to...

Well it died at some point...I am not sure what combination of things killed it, but essentially I was blocked from using it.

By default (and only choice in the version I installed) the OpenVPN plugin to IPcop sets you up with a UDP port 1194...which is the official universal VPN port apparently. Also apparently the various providers I had been using decided to block either the UDP or the 1194 or both.

I couldn't enable TCP on the version of OpenVPN (ZERINA) I had installed. I decided to put my openvpn connection onto the 443 secure port via I had to reinstall Zerina.

A handy tool I used to remind me of the procedures is this video. A quick little flash thing that walks you through the commands.

Once I deleted the old version of openvpn I had, and installed the new one...and went back and rebuilt certificates, reinstall client data, (set the TCP and 443), etc...(previously documented)

I sucessfully connected (again) via tether through my cellphone to my home network.

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