Monday, February 17, 2014

Helicommand on Blade 400 RC helicopter revisited.

I started playing with FPV (first person video) Radio Controlled helicopters back in 2006.  Since that time I changed helicopters, cameras, video transmitters, and added a gyro stabilizing system for the heli.

I documented some bits and pieces, but I decided to go over my setup in detail...mostly for selfish reasons...and here is the backstory...

Over a year ago I was using and testing my FPV system.  I wasn't using the goggles, but did have the video system up and running and was recording.

It was flying fine, but I hit some kind of downdraft and the power was up trying to hit hard and with the high rotation rate...bounced and rolled into my pool.

I quickly pulled it out of the water, unplugged the battery, disassembled all the electronics, and stuffed them into ziplock bags of dry rice to hopefully keep the electronics from corroding.

I let the bags sit for a week or two.  Then I took the parts out of the bags, put them with the heli, and put the heli box in the garage.  I walked by the box for the next year and a half.

Last month I decided to get serious about putting it back together and flying it again.

Unfortunately I didn't have perfect notes and it has taken the whole month to get it back together and correctly flying.  I almost had a test flight last week, but it wasn't running right.  I thought about it over the last week, and decided to take another look at the wiring and settings...well I figured out that I had two connections from the Helicommand to the radio reversed, and also had to change quite a few radio settings. ( good thing I didn't fly it)

...but this afternoon, I flew it, did some fine tuning, and the third (last) battery was spent in a hands off, position hold hover (slight right drift) at about 4' AGL.  

Now I need to document all the settings to help others ( and me).  I will include my notes, and a lot of pics of the transmitter and Helicommand settings.  I was simply re-hooking up a known working machine...and I had to reinvent the wheel. be continued.

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