Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Helicommand on Blade 400 RC helicopter settings etc pt2

Once it is all wired up and the radio is set...then you run the setup through the Helicommand module...

 At this point, I would load the Helicommand software, and hook the HC up to your computer and take a look at the Diagnose tab.

 Now move the sticks and make sure everything is going the right direction.   If not, then reverse on the radio.   Once this looks right, run the HC setup.  (You might have to run the setup once to 'wake up' the HC...but once you have the Reverse in the correct position and the Diagnose tab shows everything moving the correct way, then do a factory reset and do the HC setup again)

Here is their video of the process.

In my case, at this point it seems to work, but it obviously works wrong.

So I pull up the software again.

Diagnose Tab is correct.

Next tab is RC & Trim

At this point the Diagnose tab is correct, but the servos move in the wrong direction...The first three 'stick reverse' settings are the left, right, and forward (or aft) servos.  Here is where you make sure the heli servos move in the correct direction to stick input.

Those are my settings.  (again JR reversed servos)

Now the Mixer tab.

When you did the HC self setup, it populated these tabs.   This one is probably wrong.  so fix accordingly for "mounting orientation", "main rotor direction", and "swashplate"...note the only choice has the 'elev' servo in the the Blade 400 it is in the that is why that one is reversed. in the RC&Trim tab.

Now the next "servo reverse" settings are for the HC controlling the servos...the previous tab were for the Radio controlling the servos.

Here is where you hold the heli in your hand and pitch it forward and back, and left and right.   If the collective stays level to the ground (or moves opposite to where you pitch the heli) then it is correct.   If not then reverse the servo here.

Again...adjust here only AFTER you have the radio set correctly on the previous two tabs to control the heli.

Now, Tail Gyro.

The only thing I have done on this tab so far is adjust the "gyro gain" so it holds the tail without having an oscillation.

Finally Hor & Pos tab.

I actually haven't set anything on this tab.  Since I am using the Pilot Channel on my radio, the first setting is ignored.   Here is where you can fine tune the two modes.

If you are not using the Pilot Channel, then you can set a default and that is where the HC will always be (for example if you don't have  a 6th channel, or you are using the 6th channel for the trim.

I hope this helps someone, this data was pulled off my heli AFTER it correctly flew, so I know these exact settings work for me.

Good luck!

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