Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Helicommand on Blade 400 RC helicopter settings etc pt1

This first entry will have wiring info and radio settings I use.

Again I have a Blade 400...however I have the JR DS286MG servos, and they operate in reverse to the stock Blade reverse my settings accordingly.


The directions for the wiring can be confusing...but simply the Ail connects to Ail, Elev to Elev, and the other one is Pitch.

The gear channel is used for the Pilot Channel info.

The following are MY settings on the radio...again remember that I am using JR servos that operate in reverse to the Blade servos...

So you can see from the original Blade setup, I change the Reverse, and Swash Type, and  Swash Mix, everything else is un-touched...but I did reduce rudder travel based on another guide.

Now an addition based on forum entries allows the DX6i from the Blade to operate the Pilot Channel with the ELEV D/R and FLAP switches on the radio.

Right now it is in HOR stablility mode.  If I bring both switches down, it is in the Off mode, and with just the FLAP switch down it is in POS mode.

I put a couple of pictures of each setting I use, the GYRO and the MIX 1.  I use the software to monitor the Pilot Channel and then adjust on the radio until I get the results I want.   I posted these so you can see what gets adjusted.   Right now I am using the top picture of each, for the first flight I was using the bottom picture of each.

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