Sunday, November 2, 2014

Raspberry Pi setup and ADS-B (and FlightAware)

I had been using the Pi with the R820T dongle for quite a while...attempting a variety of things.

I took another look at ADS-B decoding...

...especially when I found out that... "As a thank you for your contribution, FlightAware offers a free Enterprise Account (USD$89.95/mo value) to users who share their data with us."

Even better than that...they have a Pi image ready to run that includes all the required software...for both the ADS-B decoding, and to upload to them...easier than attempting to install the software yourself.

I will say, their website is confusing...the install was fine, the directions are a bit off.

If you have a Pi, and no SDR software installed...

...but after Step 3 on that page,

...start with Step 3 on this page

You have to do those steps to put your FlightAware username and password into their software, so that you get credit for the uploads...and so the software runs automatically.

Once you have done that, look at step 3 of this page tells you how to check that your data is uploading...

...if you go to the Pi's IP address and port 8080 on your browser, you get the 1090 dump map etc...

- for example

Happy ADS-B-ing.

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