Sunday, November 2, 2014

RTL-SDR updates

There are a lot of new hardware devices out there that work as relatively inexpensive Software Defined Radio.

I can't properly list them all, but one with a lot of capability is the $330 HackRF One.

Don't expect me to review that one...

However I need to follow up on my usage of the RTL-SDR dongles.

I have been using the NooElec R820T SDR&DVB-T dongle.   If you look on Amazon you will see that company has expanded their line of products in this category...

A limitation of these type of SDRs is they only go down to about 50 Mhz... (NooElec website says 25Mhz)...if you want to go lower you need some kind of converter.

I am using CT1FFU's HF converter version 4.  I need to install it an the SDR dongle in an altoids box...but keep putting it off.

Works great!

There are always updates to the software and installs etc...

Right now SDR# is the easiest install, and it includes the new driver for those using a dongle like my R820T.

Remember you only need the HF converter to get in the low HF can use the plain Dongle for a lot of other SDR related projects without it.  (see my info about ADS-B)

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