Saturday, October 23, 2010

Android on the Nokia N800

I have let dust settle on my N800 ever since I got the iPod and my HTC TP2...shame on me.

Now I have a new reason to break it out. Nokia stopped updating the software on the older N series...and some things never worked the camera with the video chat capability...that only worked with other n800/810s.

I don't know when I will attempt this...funny enough, I do normally do stuff like this when I am at home, but now with work, I am in NYC more than I am I may do it in NY.

But here are the links

Short article at Android Authority...with video of it in operation on a N800.

Short article at Symbian Guru.

Nitdroid N900 entry (how to)...the port being actively worked on.

Nitdroid N8xx on this port temporarily halted until N900 is stable.

Nitdroid N8xx installation guide.

N8xx how to update firmware tutorial videos by Internet Tablet School.

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