Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some interesting websites and videos.

Just some websites that don't fit any of my here they go...

It is always time for pushups. How about 100 pushups at one time?

How to download MegaVideo videos.

GPS Underground-a forum with data and hacks for GPS hardware.

This is a visualization of the housing bubble pop...Jonathan Jarvis does a terrific job turning data into visuals...look at some of his other projects.

The Credit Crisis - Animatic from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Next is a website that came out about 6 years ago that shows the connection between the various board of directors and other top level have to play with it to see. I don't know if the data has been updated, but it is still eye opening.

They Rule

Astromart - If you want anything from a actively cooled camera to a house sized telescope and everything in between...for sale.

Super Mario Bros. on a sidewalk...a student at the University at Hannover Germany displayed the whole game on a have to see it to believe it...but even better is how he did it.

First the game

Super Mario Bros. from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.

Now the how to

Super Mario Bros. on a Sidewalk - Making Of from Andreas Heikaus on Vimeo.

How about a video mapping all of the Nuclear Explosions from 1945 to 1998

How about a how to on making your own Ballistic Gel.

Charity Navigator - background and info on your donation does the most good.

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