Monday, October 4, 2010

AR.Drone not ready for prime time?

The AR.Drone was finally released for sale in September. Folks have been buying them, flying them with their ipods/iphones/ipads and either crashing or completely losing them.

A common problem seems to be the AR.Drone suddenly climbs out of control and is either taken by the wind, or the user is able to hit the Emergency button before it goes out of range and it drops like a rock into pieces.

So I want one...but not quite yet.

But I am following along and seeing if the number of these flyaways drops as the company (Parrot) updates the hardware and firmware.

Meanwhile...some links...

The AR.Drone main website.

The AR.Drone official forums (that apparently are not moderated very well...nor do the tech folks show up)

ar.drone flyers, an enthusiast site.

This website is mostly about the owners cycling experiences...but there is a large AR.Drone section with some mods and tech info.

air, a German (language) enthusiast site with some good mods
-specifically this mod of a linux based controller for the AR.Drone with video recording.

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