Friday, April 1, 2011

iPhone 3GS Jailbreak revisited.

Ok, I don't know how, but I had some kind of crash on my system, while the iPhone was plugged in.

I was organizing the apps using iTunes when the program locked up. I unplugged the iPhone and noticed it was only showing half the apps...

I rebooted the iPhone, and it wouldn't boot past a blank screen...uhoh.

I rebooted the computer and plugged the iPhone back in, put it in DFU mode and attempted to reinstall iOS 4.2.1.

The computer showed a 160x error (maybe 1604)...and it did this about half way through the restore as the phone is rebooting...simultaniously with that error message, win7 itself popped up a message about the device would operate faster in a USB 2.0 slot...uhoh.

I didn't know what was fudged up, so I attempted to reinstall iOS 4.0.1. That worked and the phone came to life normally.

I gave up at that point, happy that at least the phone was working. was late, I went to bed...

I got up the next morning and decided to try one more reinstall...this time iTunes showed some kind of 2000 series error.

The iPhone was still working with iOS 4.0.1 so I quit while I was ahead...I had to leave town for a trip anyway.

--time passes--

Now I am away from home with my laptop (used the desktop for the original install), and I am thinking that maybe the problem is with the desktop.

So I give the 4.2.1 install a try with the almost immediately shows a 3194 error (which means Apple doesn't think the iOS should be installed)...hmmmm

The solution for that is to fool iTunes into checking with Cydia for permission to install the new iOS.

SEE part 2

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