Monday, April 25, 2011

Your iPhone is being you care?

I am sure all users of iPhones etc. by now have heard that your iPhone (and iPod and iPad) record connection data. It seems it is just Latitude, Longitude, value (?), and time.

I guess if you are worried that someone could be tracking your whereabouts (a rough city area vs. time) you probably shouldn't be using a cellphone anyway...

The people who wrote an OSX app (iPhone Tracker) to access this data are Alasdair Allan ( @aallan on Twitter and Pete Warden ( @petewarden on Twitter.

Here is the site with the app, and source code.

I don't use OSX to sync my iPhone or luckily a Windows version was compiled by huseyint (@huseyint on Twitter).

It is pretty cool. But hardly a tracking just gave rough locations of where my iPhone narrowed down to a neighborhood, and I was using the GPS quite a bit during the time period I checked.

So, personally I found it interesting to have a date with a help me keep organised...(I do travel quite a bit).

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