Friday, April 1, 2011

iPhone 3GS Jailbreak revisited...part 2

Here is how you install an iOS that iTunes doesn't want you to install.

-this website give all sorts of info on the are my steps.

First download Tiny Umbrella.

- this bit of software will, make sure your SHSH blobs (don't ask me) are uploaded to Cydia-and will fool iTunes into looking there for them.
--all I know is the SHSH blobs are important.

Next start TinyUmbrell.exe and allow firewall access (win7 popup anyway).

-click the "Save SHSH" button. (under the log tab you shouldn't see errors)
-click the "Start TSS Server" button, it will change to "Stop TSS Server" and continually show a little 'waiting' animation on the button (like the iPhone circle thing)
--the log should show 'Server Started', and 'accepting connections'

Now start iTunes and do the normal steps for installing an iOS (SHIFT-click Restore, DFU etc)

If all goes well, your iOS will install taa daa. my case all did not go well, and I got another 1604 error.

The fix for that was also easy...go back to the ih8sn0w website, and download iREB.

iREB is a nice little utility that will fix errors resulting from the kind of hacking we are doing here.

-real simple, start up the program, it sees you phone, click the appropriate device (in my case iPhone 3GS) does its thing and says it is done.

So from here I started at the beginning, but didn't have to Save SHSH, they were already showing on the list. But I started TSS server, and iTunes, and SHIFT-Restore.

4.2.1 installed correctly (again) and so far, no errors...I don't think I will do anymore icon management using may be balking on some of the Cydia installed software.

Back to normal again.

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